Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to rent anything? ie. a prep tent, any of the glassware, etc?

We provide table and place settings for up to 120 people, and can arrange for linens, tables, and chairs. We also come fully equipped with tents, grills, stoves, and coolers as needed to be able to provide a freshly cooked and served, quality meal to your guests.

Do you only serve buffets or do you also serve plated dinners?

We serve both and in fact we suggest the plated dinner. As compared to the buffet, the plated dinner is a much more personal, intimate experience to provide your guests with. Often whether you choose the buffet or plated dinner depends on the number of guests and the venue that will host your wedding or party. Creative Catering can provide the necessary personnel to serve either type of party.

Can you estimate costs for service, glassware, place settings, rental basics and linens?

Please email or call with your event location and number of guests.

You can also hire shuttle services for your guests.

What type of fish, meat and vegetarian options do you offer for a buffet?

Tri tip, Filet, NY strip, bistro steak

Mahi, Salmon, Halibut, Colorado Rainbow Trout, Shrimp

All Natural Chicken, Colorado Lamb

Stuffed shells, Stuffed Grilled Portobello Mushroom

*Josephine has experience with an extensive selection of meats, fish and seafood, local game, and foreign fare. Please call Josephine if you have a special menu in mind for your event.

Will Creative Catering be able to supply soda, ice, juice, mixers?

We can provide ice, an assortment of hot and cold beverages, set up your bar on location and provide a bartender for your event.

You will need to provide any alcoholic beverages. Beer, liquor, wine and mixers can be purchased at a number of locations in Crested Butte, like Acme Liquor Store. You will need to drop off any alcohol or mixers for your bar to the Creative Catering kitchen in Crested Butte at least 1 day prior to your event. Please call Josephine to make arrangements for your bar. If you choose to provide your own bartender please provide all of your bar items, and set up and manage the bar on your own as well. It is recommended that you hire a bartender through Creative Catering to maintain the bar and assist in getting your guests home safely.

Glassware can always be provided by Creative Catering, including champagne flutes, wine glasses, highball, rocks and water/beer goblets.

Should I factor in serving-type dishes (ie. bread baskets, sauce bowls, etc)?

Being a full service catering company, we will provide all necessary serving dishes for your event. You will not need to worry at all about the preparation or service of your food with Creative Catering. There are no extra charges for the use of any of our serving dishes or equipment needed to prepare or serve your event.

Can you provide servers and bartenders?

Yes! We can provide servers and bartenders for your event. It is recommended that you hire a bartender through Creative Catering to maintain the bar and assist in getting your guests home safely. It is important to provide us with an accurate number of guests who will attend your event to ensure that you have enough staff on hand. A service and gratuity charge will be included in your bill and will depend on the number of servers needed to accommodate your guests and your event.

Does Creative Catering set up the reception/dining area?

We will setup tables with linens, place settings, and any glassware needed for service. Please provide any wine or champagne you would like to place on your guest’s tables at least 1 day prior to your event by dropping it off at the Creative Catering kitchen.

Guests and family members always provide a personalized touch to your wedding. You can manage the decorations at your event, or you can provide all decorations on site at the event location and Creative Catering will set them up for you. Please call Josephine if you would like to have your decorations set up by Creative Catering and provide instructions for all the details that will be required to decorate your event.

What types of venues are available for weddings and parties in Crested Butte?

There are a variety of indoor and outdoor event sites in and around Crested Butte. View our Wedding Information for locations we can accommodate.

Will Josephine, the chef and owner of Creative Catering, be on location?

Absolutely! I prepare your dinner on location and manage the event service and professional staff personally.

Could you supply me with a list of references?

We would be happy to share with you a list of references from happy clients in Crested Butte and Gunnison, Colorado. Josephine opened Lil's Land and Sea as chef and owner in Crested Butte in 1995. The Seafood and Sushi restaurant is named for her grandmother, Lil. She sold the restaurant in 2001 to become the executive chef at the Crested Butte Country Club which inspired her to open Creative Catering in 2002. Come by the Creative Catering Kitchen located at Frank’s Deli (COME BY FOR A TASTING ) or contact us for more information.